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Łapie pokemony na zamówienie 2020

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Jesteś zmęczony łapaniem? czy nie chce ci się łapać?

Ja chętnie złapie, proszę tylko pod tym postem napisać jakiego pokemona chcecie, natukre, ivs itp.

Mam nadzieje że będzie dużo zamówień.


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Venusaur HA natka sp.atk/spd ivsy w to samo co natka

Slowbro ha natka def poza impish ivsy tak 22+ w w hp/def/sp.def

Cincinno ha natka atk/spd ivst takie w miare

Incineroar HA natka pod atk ivsy 20+/20+

Haxorus Mold breaker Jolly/hasty/naive

Gallade Natka spd ivsy 27+/27+ w atk/spd


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Croagunk/Toxicroak  Dry Skin/Poison Touch Jolly, Naive,Hasty ivs 25 speed , 20 atk 

Stunky/Skuntank  Aftermath Brave/naughty/lonely/hasty/naive  ivs 20hp , 20atk , defy 15 , 20 sp atk , jesli nie jest brave to ivs speed 30

Vanipede/Whirlipede/Scolipede Speed Boost , Adamnt ,naughty , lonely , jolly , hasty , naive ivs 15 w atk i speed

Salazzle obojętne Timitd , naive , hasty 25spatk 25 speed 

Seviper obojetnie brave,queit , adamnt , modest  25hp , 20atk , 20 sp,atk , def 15 , spdef 15

Torchic, Combusken, Blaziken Speed Boost , Adamnt ,naughty lonely , jolly , hasty , naive  ivs 15 atk , 15 speed

Gallede obojetnie Jolly , Naive ,Hasty ivs 20atk , 27 speed

Timburr/gurdurr/Conkeldurr Guts/Iron Fist Adamnt /Brave ivs 25 hp , 25 atk , 20def , 22,spdef

Crabrawler/Crabominable Iron Fist Adamnt/Brave ivs 25hp , 25atk , 25,def ,25spdef

Jangmo-o/Hakamo-o/kommo-o Bulletproof/overcoat Adamnt/Modest/Jolly/Timid ivs 15 hp , 23atk , 25 speed , 25 sp,atk            impish/relaxed ivs 25 hp , 25 def , 25spdef

Hawlucha Limber /Moldbraker Jolly/naive /hasty ivs 21 atk , 25 speed

Sandygast Water Compaction Modest/queit  ivs 25hp , def 20 , 20 spatk , 20spdef

Gible/Gabite/Garchomp obojetnie Jolly/naive/hasty /adamnt/naught/lonely ivs 20atk , 25 speed                Impish, Relaxed Rought skin 25hp , 25def , 20 spdef




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Hp/def/sdef 20+/25+/15+ 





Satk/spd 20+/15+





Atk/spd 25+/16+


Speed Boost

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Posted (edited)

Wobbuffet bold/relaxed/impish/calm/careful/sassy

25+ hp/def/sdef

TImburr adamant brave iron fist

15+ atk/hp

Edited by Mefo

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