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Update 2.9.2/2.9.3 Data: 27/01/2020

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- Update modu CustomNPC



  • Added Skwovet
  • Added Greedent
  • Added Rookidee
  • Added Corvisquire
  • Added Corviknight
  • Added Blipbug
  • Added Dottler
  • Added Orbeetle
  • Added Hattrem
  • Added Hatenna
  • Added Hatterene
  • Added Mirror Armor ability
  • Added Stuff Cheeks move
  • Added Life Dew move
  • Added Magic Powder move
  • Added 14 New Specials
    • Sobble, Drizzile, Inteleon, Grookey, Thwackey, Rillaboom, Scorbunny, Raboot, Cinderace, Togepi, Togetic, Togekiss, Wooloo, Dubwool

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Gentle Mint name
  • Fixed Natures not getting stat boosts
  • Fixed HDTV not dropping itself when broken
  • Fixed some packet error spam
  • Fixed an issue with Pseudo Natures & PokeEditor wand
  • Fixed Pain Split getting reflected by Magic Bounce
  • Fixed Skill Swap working on BattleBond, Disguise, and Schooling
  • Fixed a bug with new Ultra Shinies losing shiny status
  • Fixed Pursuit failing to activate boosts on Switch causing moves (Volt Switch, U-Turn, Parting Shot)
  • Fixed Role Play working on Comatose, RKSSystem, Forecast, Flower Gift, Power of Alchemy, Receiver, Disguise, and Trace
  • Fixed Mummy working on ZenMode, Schooling, BattleBond, ShieldsDown, RKSSystem, and Disguise users
  • Fixed Air Balloon not busting when Disguise is also busted
  • Fixed Disguise not working again after reviving Mimikyu in the same battle
  • Fixed Disguise not removing added types after bust (IE Forest’s Curse)
  • Fixed some moves bypassing Disguise (ie Night Shade)
  • Fixed Spawners spawning too high under blocks
  • Fixed Spawners not spawning underwater and various other blocks such as snow, grass, etc
  • Fixed some unreleased content being obtainable (Hoopa ring drop from Meowth)
  • Fixed typing E in PokeDex closing it when searching for a Pokemon. You can still use ESC
  • Fixed PokeDex not displaying models on Pokemon with gender specific models
  • Fixed Sketch requiring Transform to fail
  • Fixed Mist not protecting from Tangling Hair, Cotton Down, and Gooey
  • Fixed Lunge not lowering target’s attack
  • Fixed a crash with Mints when applying one, then logging out
  • Fixed Raboot’s egg group
  • Fixed Shiny Charm not being obtainable
  • Fixed Aegislash not receiving EVs






  • Fixed an issue with inventory items appearing invisible after using PokeDex
  • Fixed an old bug with Held Items disappearing
  • Fixed PokeDex completion issues with Shiny Charm
  • Fixed lag with accessing PC’s on servers
  • Fixed right clicking a cloning machine with a chisel causing a crash
  • Fixed Haunted Tower spawners not spawning anything
  • Fixed NPC update packet running off game thread
  • Fixed console spam issues with some spawn conditions
  • Fixed Mega Glalie boss spawning with no movesets
  • Fixed Ash Greninja having no movesets
  • Fixed Bulletproof not blocking Pyro Ball
  • Fixed Pokemon being healed when caught
  • Fixed Spawner Blocks spawning Pokemon in blocks and suffocating

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