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Update 2.81/ 2.8.2 / 2.8.3 / 11/12/2019

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- Kolory nie tylko minecraftowe (chat, rangi itd.)
- Naprawione mega evo
- Naprawiony Aegislash
- Naklejki 8 generacji
- Naprawiono masę błędów, które znajdziecie poniżej.

- ulepszony plugin na liderów

- nowe odznaki


Fixed Dawn/Dusk spawns
Fixed some cosmetic items with rainbows causing selection issues
Fixed character not following mouse direction in cosmetic menu
Fixed Timespace Altar consuming orbs
Fixed Supersized Pokemon appearing from Timespace Altar. Dynamaxing a little too early perhaps?
Fixed clicking down arrow in Shopkeeper no longer selling all items of that type
Fixed a PC selecting bug
Fixed Mega Bracelets causing render issues in cosmetic menu
Fixed some color correction in cosmetics, where color would sometimes be incorrect
Fixed an issue with discord rpc on linux
Fixed an exploit with NPC Traders
Fixed the strobe effect being too fast
Fixed issue with unable to reset tints
Fixed Rotom and alolan form importing
Fixed an import issue regarding the new “Texture” line
Fixed villagers all being scottish
Fixed megas sometimes crashing the game in battles
Fixed PokeGrass blocks to fit better with PokeSand & added extra corners for PokeSand
Fixed Pokemon with forms giving off no sound
Fixed Special Munchlax texture


Fixed Shinies prior to 2.8.1 losing their particles


Added new PokeDex
Added Spawn Info into PokeDex info
Added Nature update type
Added new PokeDex type icons
Added optional PokeDex item
Added New Flat Screen TV Block
Added New Snorlax Bean Bag Chair
Added New Models & Variants for End Table with all wood types
Added 4 Floor Cushion Blocks
Added Nintendo Switch Block
Added New Vending Machine Models & Textures
Added New Umbrella Models & Textures
Added New Rug Model & Textures
Added Rowlet PokeDoll
Added Popplio PokeDoll
Added Litten PokeDoll
Added Poliwhirl PokeDoll
Added Zeraora PokeDoll
Added Cresselia PokeDoll

Fixed a bug with surface packet not closing
Fixed Mind Blown not taking 50% of the users HP
Fixed Photon Geyser not ignoring abilities
Fixed Golem unable to learn Dig
Fixed form checks on Lugia
Fixed Ho-Oh able to learn Zap Cannon TM
Fixed MissingNo spawning from Ditto Eggs
Fixed Dyed PC’s & Trade Machines not dropping their dyed form/dye
Fixed 7 incorrect sprite sizes
Fixed Villager SpawnEggs not working with NPC Editor
Fixed Ultra Space riding pokemon into portal crash (needs tested on server & singleplayer)
Fixed Sheer Force behaving wrongly with Color Change
Fixed Sheer Force behaving wrongly with Emergency Exit / Wimp Out
Fixed Sheer Force behaving wrongly with Eject Button
Fixed Sheer Force behaving wrongly with Life Orb
Fixed Sheer Force behaving wrongly with Red Card
Fixed Sheer Force behaving wrongly with Shell Bell
Fixed Toxic not being bounced back by Magic Coat if the target used Substitute
Fixed missing sounds for Carnivine, Minccino, Munna, & Yamask
Fixed Aegislash Stance Change not working with King’s Shield & various other bugs with Stance Change
Fixed Assist using moves it’s not supposed to (Baneful Bunker, Phantom Force, Mirror Move, Spotlight)
Removed numerous unused model classes, fixes the likes of Scizor & others appearing differently in Statues

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